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FastClip for Mac

A Clipboard Enhancer Preferred by macOS.

FastClip is a light keyboard-driven efficiency gadget focusing on the clipboard. It could greatly reduce the frequency of copy and paste as well as mouse-clicking. According to the feedback, FastClip could increase your work efficiency by over 30%.


Unlimited Records

FastClip will establish an index for the contents saved by the clipboard via its proprietary algorithm and file structure, and compress each record as much as possible, thereby saving everything you copy.

Impression Search

Apart from setting aliases to save useful contents, given the function of unlimited records, FastClip could retrieve what you want quickly, and all you have to do is input the keywords you remember.

Preview Mode

FastClip not only saves the data free of formats, but also allows you to browse the Rich Text Format (RTF) information under the preview mode (shortcut key 'Shift+Enter'), providing better browsing experience especially for webpages or excel sheets.

Thinking Bar

When you enter the keywords, FastClip would not only search from the history of the clipboard, but also support prediction according to the content you input and thereby enhance the historical records.

input action enhance builtin keywords sample
now current date with format yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss 2020-05-28 22:42:24
math symbol pronun math symbol alpha -> α
[number]cm cm convert to inch 1cm -> 0.39 inch
random[length] a random string random10 -> 51?dsdL7ti
matched string length > 15[length] real length of string X -> 23
matched string length > 15[length] md5 of string X -> bb35d9b59f4cc10d8fa23899f8cbb054
camel case convert camel case to upper X camelCase -> CAMEL_CASE
big seconds convert seconds to hours X 370000 -> 102.8 hours